The Straits Times article published on 2nd January 2017 by Soh Ying Qi – “Students’ e-books retell S’pore history” reported that “15 from Ngee Ann Secondary School compile stories from veterans into three iBooks”. The article captured many readers from the SAF Veterans League (SAFVL) especially, as it featured three of the SAFVL’s Commitment-to-Defence (C2D) Ambassadors. The “three iBooks describes three veterans' experiences of significant events in Singapore's history: the 1964 racial riots, Konfrontasi from 1963 to 1966, and the collapse of Hotel New World.

Apart from the capturing the C2D Ambassadors’ personal stories, lesson in life were also shared, as one of the students, Daniel Tan Yik Keong who interviewed Col (Ret) Chng Teow Hua said: "He taught us that in life, it's inevitable to come by tough decisions." Ltc (Ret) Syed Ibrahim Al Mahdali who was interviewed by Shamine Pang Hwee San, a student councillor also made an impression on her. "Mr Syed Ibrahim said, 'you need to let your men know that you are one of them, but you are still above them'. This she learnt to apply in her daily life with her peers. Lastly, Cpt (Ret) Shamsuddin Shadan, was interviewed on his experience in the 1964 Racial Riots.

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