On 7th Dec 2016, the Ambassador to the Embassy of the Republic of Poland His Excellency Waldemar Dubaniowski, officially opened the '50th Anniversary of Lee Kuan Yew visit to Poland' photography exhibition to the delight of our 4 SAFVL C2D Ambassadors and 8 Veteran League members. Held at Jurong Regional Library, the exhibition explores the work of our first Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew, Foreign Affairs Minister S. Rajaratnam and Minister for Social Affairs Othman Wok to establish diplomatic relations with Poland.


The exhibition showcases photographs that depict the start of diplomatic ties and friendship between a young country of 1 year and an established country of 1000 years as a people. The photographs enabled participants to remember and reflect on the struggles of Singapore to gain recognition with established countries.  Participants were quizzed on the shared history of both countries.


You can view more pictures from the exhibition here.