Young inventors carry on late grandfather's 'always better to give than to receive' spirit, present walking sticks to SAF veterans

"It's always better to give than to receive." These words from their late grandfather continue to ring loud and clear in the lives of two young inventors as they announced to their parents they wanted to present their invention - the QaneMate Qane - to veterans from the SAF Veterans League (SAFVL).

And on 16 Nov 2016, siblings Seng Ian Hao, 12, from Anglo-Chinese School (Junior) and Seng Ing Le, 10, from Singapore Chinese Girls' School were at SAFRA Toa Payoh to present the result of their joint invention to 26 very grateful and appreciative SAFVL veterans.

Said the siblings' mother, Dr Loh Yin Sze: "We are very happy that Ian and Ing wanted to honour their late grandfather's spirit of giving. My father-in-law had always inculcated in them that it is always better to give than to receive as he brought them along on his trips to do volunteer service at nursing care centres. When the kids witnessed the struggles of the elderly, the idea of making the QaneMate struck them."

Speaking also for his sister, Seng Ian Hao said: "We wanted to honour our SAF veterans as we are grateful for their contributions to Singapore's defence, for example, during Konfrontasi and other SAF operations."

Seng Ing Le continued: "The QaneMate 'Hero' series is dedicated to the veterans, and it is differentiated by the SAFVL Logo on them."

Among the recipients of the QaneMate Qane were MAJ (Ret) Ishwar Lall Singh, 2LT (Ret) Anvar Ishak and SWAN Iris Ng.

MAJ Ishwar Lall Singh said: "I'm touched by the big-heartedness of these kids to give the QaneMate Qanes to us veterans. It is very convenient as it comes with the special QaneMate clip that will prevent me from misplacing the walking stick."

"It really shows their care and concern for the elderly," added 2LT Anvar. "The clip is well-designed, very handy and it will allow me to freely put the walking stick aside while I have my food or answer phone calls. The adjustable Qane walking stick is like a third leg to me!"

SWAN Iris Ng said: "I love the QaneMate Qane! I'm very impressed with their thoughtful invention. They are indeed super kids! The design is both trendy and functional and I can bring it everywhere I go."

The brother and sister team have won accolades for their invention, bagging the 2014 Tan Kah Kee Young Inventors Award and the first prize for the 2014 26th University of Houston Young Inventors Showcase (Fourth Graders Category).

You can view more pictures from the QaneMate Qane presentation event here.