Happy New Year!

2017 looks to be another busy year for the SAFVL. Besides our own activities and supporting the regular annual events, 2017 is also 50 years of National Service. It is also SAFRA’s 45th anniversary. We can therefore expect a slew of commemorative events that will also involve our SAFVL members, many of whom were from the early NS batches.


Our participation in the Ministry of Defence’s Commitment To Defence (C2D) Programme will again take centre stage as our appointed C2D Ambassadors continue to engage young Singaporeans, active Servicemen and NSmen with their personal  stories and experience, passing on National Education messages and urging them to do their best in serving the nation to protect their families, children and loved ones.


And on this same SAF Veterans League website, we have also launched a microsite exclusively for C2D Ambassadors to share their C2D experiences and resource material for their engagement sessions.


On the overseas front, we can expect to attend two meetings, most likely in the second half of this year. These are 
the VECONAC (Veterans Confederation of ASEAN Countries) 30th Executive Board Meeting and 17th General Assembly to be held in Brunei Darussalam and the World Veterans Federation’s Meeting of the Standing Committee on Asia and the Pacific in Taipei. We will have more on the two meetings soon for members who are interested to attend as observers.


As we continue through the year, I want to say a special “Thank You” to the many SAFVL members including some with their spouses, who’ve worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make many of our activities happen. And to all other members for always readily stepping forward to support our events.

I look forward to another engaging year for all of us.

See you at our next gathering.